How to delegate tasks?
What if we cannot delegate tasks? What can we do?

First, it is often an illusion. And I can't give you only one recommendation for everything. For delegating cooking meals i have different recommendations than for delegating sending letters to the post office or about going to the store or about your work.

My main advice is: make a list of all the things you do during the day. Write down everything in detail in the table and make cells with the following headings:

1. I love do it
2. It's ok. I don't mind doing it
3. I don't like it

The cells can change at your discretion.

What you don't want to do are the first things for delegating/delegation. The next step is to write options for who can do it for you. An example is shown below
Write whatever comes to your mind, even if you don't believe it's possible. You will already begin to think in this direction, and this is the very important first step.
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