The story of the one mother's night
The only one though?..
Read the story down below. Seems familiar?

Yay, I went to sleep early
00:30 can't fall asleep
1:00 Yeah, there we are
3:00 The youngest son comes: "Mom, can I get to your bed?"
3:10 Mom, I'm thirsty
3:30 Mom, bring my toys here
3:40 Mom, give me a hug
3:50 Mom, give me some space
4:00 Mom, cover me with a blanket
4:10 Mom, get the blanket away
4:20 The oldest son comes: «Mom, I want to join you» 4:21 Me: "You both must run to your beds, now!" - We all come to their room and I lay down on the couch, cause they refuse to sleep without me next ….
5:30 The oldest son says: "Mom, can I lay down with you?" (Why didn't I expand the sofa?)
6:00 The youngest son asks: "Mom, where is SOME KIND of the dinosaur? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?"
6:05 "Mom, look what a dinosaur!"
6:15 «Mom, look there is another one!»
6:20 «Mom, and there is more!
6:25 The oldest son complains: «Mom, move a bit, I need some space»
6:30-6:45 …the are another four dinosaurs
6:50 The youngest son demands: «Mom, I'm hungry! Give me something to eat! Right now! Are you already cooking? No? Why are you not, mom?»

The end?

The story was written in May 2020 right after this very night. I wrote it and forgot… Which is not surprising. I accidentally found it, laughed and was very happy that the kids grew up. And now I'm wondering: I'm not the only one, right?
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