Top 3 tips for moms
The most important thing for mom is herself. I mean her well-being (her health and mood), her feelings, her happiness, her state of readiness, and her calmness. Only in this state can we be really effective.

And I can highlight 3 things that will help us come to this state:

1. Listen to your body.
Your body never lies to you. Your body always tells you where the problem is. I like the phrase from a film: "Pain wants to be felt." I can say the same about your hunger, tiredness, lack of sleep, desire to cry, scream, keep warm, cool down, and so on. You should never ignore this. The body will always tell you what you should pay attention to. I know this is difficult. But if you do not hear what your body is saying now it will speak louder about it tomorrow. Your body wants to be felt and wants to be heard.

2. Don't do what you don't like doing
Many things that we don't like to do, we don't really have/need to do or we can do it a more pleasant way. There are also things that we can delegate or get someone else to do for us. Often we do these things because it is a habit, or we have a feeling of guilt or delusion that we should do this, or because someone else thinks that we should do this. Of course, there are things that we really have to do and no one will do them for us, but there are not so many of them. And even with these things, we can find a way to make them more enjoyable. It is important because these things take up our time and energy and give us only irritation and fatigue.

3. Take time for relaxation, creativity and hobbies
Anything that we do ONLY for ourselves is our resource. It does not take away our energy, they it gives it to us. It seems to us that for the time we spend on this relaxation, creativity and hobby, we could do more important things. But this is an illusion. Having received a boost of energy from our favourite activities, we will be much faster and more efficient in other things.

The main thing is to get pleasure from your relaxation, hobbies and creativity. If at this time you are worried about your kids, and your housework and feel guilty for wasting time on yourself – it doesn't give you energy and motivation. It will only be another task to tire you out.

Therefore, we must understand and accept that rest is really important. And the best is not to tailor rest around business, but to tailor business around rest. ;)

What is written on my sleep mask? It says "Mom is asleep" in Russian.

Yes, I am from Russia, but I have been living in Ireland for six months now. But more on that another time. ;)
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